Research to Nourish Africa.

Research to Nourish Africa.


About Us

Genebank has thousands of crop varieties available for research and as disaster relief, and our insect collection contains some of Africa’s rarest insect species. All our efforts are focused on maintaining biodiversity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Today, the world is losing genetic resources at unprecedented rates. The biological basis for food security is fast disappearing. Agricultural sustainability therefore depends on a strong conservation component.

Plant and animal genetic resources are the foundation of sustainable agriculture and global food security. Genetic diversity enables plants to adapt to new pests and diseases as well as to climatic and environmental changes.

 IITA’s Genebank holds over 28,000 accessions of plant material or germplasm, of major African food crops. This germplasm is held in trust on behalf of humanity under the sponsorship of the United Nations. It is distributed without restriction for use in research for food and agriculture.